THIS IS IMMINENT might never exist if it weren’t for COVID-19. When the virus shut down the Australian events industry in March 2020, I joined forces with two long-term friends and collaborators Mykel Dixon and Dave Dixon to launch PirateTV. PirateTV was created to help Myke’s and my clients deliver exceptional events online when in-person events were no longer possible .

Along with Mykel’s show Open MykeTHIS IS IMMINENT was a showcase of PirateTV’s vision of interactive TV style experiences. These experiences were designed from the ground up to encourage interaction and to allow the audience to help shape the content being delivered on screen.

Although it’s a showcase for PirateTV, it was also important to me that the content of the show was both interesting and meaningful. And as both a futurist and a human being the ideas I find particularly enticing to discuss sit at the blurry and often uncomfortable intersections of people and technology.

In many ways the conversations I have with guests on THIS IS IMMINENT are the same conversations I have with people at barbeques and dinner parties. The only difference is the audience of experts is helping shape the narrative as it unfolds.

Who We Are

Simon Waller

Simon is a futurist and professional speaker as well as a Captain of Technology for PirateTV and the founder of Digital Champions Club

Kate Harvey headshot_360x230

Kate Harvey

Digital excellence specialist, author, and coach. Founder of Digital by Design.

Leah Davidson

Leah is a coach, trainer and facilitator and the author of The 10 Year Plan program