Speaker: Leah Davidson

Episode 10: What is the human impact of accelerating change?

Throughout human history we have grappled with the concerns about the size and speed of change. Yet for the most part, we have taken it all in our stride. In a year where unprecedented levels of change has become commonplace, it might be time to reframe our concerns. Instead of asking “how can we keep…

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Episode 06: Can an algorithm be creative?

In 2018 an AI generated art work titled “Edmond de Belamy, from La Famille de Belamy” sold at Christie’s for over US$400,000 but many critics labled the work as ‘unoriginal’. On this episode of THIS IS IMMINENT we will be joined by the highly talented, and of course, incredibly creative Mykel Dixon to discuss whether…

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Episode 03: Will we all have robotic companions?

In the third episode of THIS IS IMMINENT, we will be joined by Leah Davidson along with regular guest Kate Harvey as we explore the future of human relationships and whether we will all end up wanting robotic companions.

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